About G Pierre

Gérald “G” Pierre was born and raised in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, and he is, from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, 100 percent Créole.

With that Créole-inspired passion for the arts, G has created many colorful, memorable works using paint, brush pencil, and camera. These pursuits brought him to a school that was one of the most prestigious photography schools in the world during his time of study: Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Photography. Since that time, various groups have recognized G's ability to poignantly capture subjects through visual medium. He has worked as the stylist and fashion consultant for the New Life Choir of Spring Valley, New York, and he is a leader of the design team for Jubilee Christian Church in sunny Goleta, California.

In addition, G has had significant experience in entertainment journalism. He has covered National Geographic movie premieres on the red carpet and photographed some of the most well-known celebrities and personalities in Hollywood. He has also ventured into music journalism and photographed concerts for widely read publications. Some of his red carpet photography includes the National Geographic Channel's Saints & Strangers premiere<> and The Long Road Home premiere<>. Some of his concert photography includes a Plumb concert<> that included Big Daddy Weave and Jordan Feliz.

People who know him and who've seen his work sum it up this way: G has an innate sense of style and design combined with a keen creativity and refined technical expertise. He has a "superb eye," as they say.

The final result?

G consistently delivers a captivating, attention-grabbing product. He understands that fashion isn’t about a price tag or a name brand, but how it is presented. Along that line of thinking, G is inspired and motivated by a simple but profound mission: to help others see beauty and value within themselves. For this reason, G has been involved in various charitable and humanitarian efforts in Haiti, and he has used his art to encourage and even raise funds for people in need in Haiti.

Today, G is a freelance advertising and fashion photographer, and you can explore this site's Menu--the pages entitled "Advertising," "Celebrity," "Concert," "People," "Personal Projects" and "Visual Merchandiser"--to sample his work.