Gérald “G” Pierre was born and raised in Cap-Haitien, Haiti and 100% Créole. 

G, with his passion for the arts and has created many works using paint, brush pencil, and camera. This led him to receive his Bachelor of Arts in Professional Photography from the prestigious Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California.

Various groups he has involved with recognize his special abilities. He has worked as the stylist and fashion consultant for the New Life Choir of Spring Valley, New York and a leader of the design team with Jubilee Christian Church in Goleta, California. He truly has an innate sense of style and design, which he is able to combine with his creative and technical expertise.

The final result is a product that is truly captivating and revolutionary. He understands that fashion isn’t about a price tag or a name brand, but how it is presented, and his heart’s desire is to help everyone see the beauty and value within them. Today G is a freelance advertising/fashion photographer.